CBD Forum…

Interaction with Staff at Liverpool City Council can be most rewarding and last night was no exception, at the CBD forum a small group of us were able to discuss many of the proposals and future plans for the development of the CBD. Whilst this may not seem a No 1 interest for you, where else do you get to ask questions and get answers?  Of course what does matter is that council staff is at least attempting to lure Government departments and large businesses to set up offices and factories here in Liverpool, thereby bringing more jobs to our city and suburbs. Unlike our Cllr Mannoun who systematically attempts to scare them away with warnings about his safety on the Liverpool streets.

In today’s champion newspaper was an interview I did with the Shery Demian some weeks ago regarding the presentation I made to council back in February about the number of trees being cut down (and planted)  in the greater Liverpool area and how the council can provide the community with more information.

Whilst we don’t get answers at the time of the presentation I note that the General Manager answered the question when put to him again by the reporter… for the record according to the GM”s quote, 856,510 trees since 2002, not bad, so it appears we are heading towards to proposed 1 million trees indicated in a press release so many years ago. The purpose of my address to council was to get support for “A community information processes” regarding removal and replacement of trees. I have great faith in the ability of the council staff to do their jobs, we just want to know what is happening, after all we pay substantial rates and I don’t think it unreasonable that we be informed of the spending of those rates, especially considering the cost of removal of trees is quite hefty.  My address (and subsequent article) was not designed as an attack on council process etc however for a great many of us in the community,  information often  appears lacking and I will continue to bring matters before the council (or whomever) in an attempt to keep you, my fellow Liverpudlian, informed.

Don’t forget council forums are back in full swing and you are most welcome to come along, listen to the presentation and ask questions…. this is how the council is committed to interact with the community and I’m sure you‘ll find them interesting. Dates and times are on the council page of the paper every week  or of course you can email me.


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