update 30.3.10

March is quickly drawing to an end and the Easter weekend is a stone’s throw away, I’m enjoying one of those unusual weeks where there are no forums or meetings.

 Liverpool is an amazing city and the one thing (given a magic wand) I’d like to see are more and more people getting involved in their local area  I’m not just meaning the protection of the green space etc, but the whole environment, be it council, schools or initiatives that bring the community together. Don’t get me wrong, I too for a long time lived on the periphery of Liverpool, in that I was so busy raising my children and working there was little time left for much else.  Having grown children affords me a little more time to get involved and I have to admit I like it and enjoy reporting back to you about what is and isn’t happening. I also understand what it is like to struggle for enough time to spend with your children, your partner and your family generally.

I am thankful that my interest in local politics has brought me to this place. I have the time and the interest and I quite like communicating with you in this way, so if you have an idea as to how to improve my interaction with you, or things you’d like to know more about, let me know, and by all means comment I’m capable of taking both supportive and critical analysis so go for it if you don’t agree or have another idea.

Please consider joining our Team in the “Relay for Life” event on the 1st of May (read more below), if you can’t walk with us sponsoring our team would be great. You don’t have to be a “Greens member” to walk or support, when it comes to worthwhile causes this one is at the top of the list and with so many initially supportive now we need that to translate into participants  and sponsorship, but I have faith in the community and know you’ll all rally for this worthwhile cause.

Have a wonderful weekend… most especially if you’re lucky enough to have the time off with your family.


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