More Hours please

What a busy week, it constantly amazes me what can and does get done in this busy city. Between forums and functions and work my days are full and fun. I was delighted this week to be asked to comment on “My Liverpool” in the Champion. What a chance to reminisce.

Any of you who don’t/can’t  attend the forums really do miss out, each month there is a new speaker from council and the conversations generated by the community members are fascinating to say the least. Listening to fellow residents discuss matters, issues and concerns around a big table whilst having a coffee is an amazing pleasure.

Last night between two appointments I managed to quickly stop by the Harmony day celebrations in the mall to watch a couple of groups of talented people share their music, their dance and their culture. You couldn’t want more than to be around this kind of passion …I’ve slipped in a couple of pictures I took whilst there, sadly they are ‘phone’ quality but you’ll see what I mean… bright cheerful and charming.

Tomorrow (20th) come up and say hello as I’ll be at the 2168 Speak out at the PCYC in the morning. I love going to these events and meeting up with people so if you’re there also say Hi…ok?

Don’t forget also I’m YOUR representative on a couple of Council committees…. if you have an interest or comment on the River and the Catchment areas let me know, I’m also your community rep on the CBD Committee, the Community & Recreation Panel and the Environment Advisory panel… so if you have an idea, comment or suggestion I’m more than happy to present it to the committees on your behalf. After all to get things done we need to work together.

Have a good weekend and please use this page as an opportunity to comment, share ideas or simply say hello. 

One last thing… please read below and consider sponsoring our team in the Relay for Life 24hr walkathon, we need your support and if you are interested, join us as we walk for the cure, Click on the link for the Liverpool Fairfield Greens, all donations welcome, no matter how small.


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