Off to a good start

I have to admit it, I’ve missed the forums, meetings and events that living in our city brings, the contact with residents around our city over the Christmas break. However, this week saw the beginning of what will be another terrific year in our fabulous city…it started with the Australia Day (previous post) and now the forums have commenced….

Tuesday, a small turn out of locals came  to the CBD Forum where the General Manager and Council officers did a presentation on the Garbage system and how well we are doing with recycling, waste recovery etc…  and the couple of small challenges being experienced.

Today I had the pleasure of attending the ‘unveiling’ of the mural project at Miller. I’ve lived in the Miller/Sadleir area for about 36 years and in nearly all that time it’s had a really negative, very misunderstood and often undeserved reputation, albeit it has had its moments and areas of, well let’s say less than favourable behaviour … it’s always been a good place full of good people doing what they can to get by and make a living. Today’s opening saw the hard work of too many people to mention individually but it looks great, and a pleasing announcement that a Stage 2 Project will take place to brighten up the Southern side of the shopping centre. Now if the Centre itself can get its act together and provide the workers, shoppers etc a pleasant shopping experience I’ll bet you see even more positive output from this much undervalued suburb.

I’m looking forward to catching up with many of you over the coming weeks, I’m over the moon about the LAKES groups success in Cecil Hills….more on that soon…. and don’t forget

Saturdays for the next month will be free movies in an open cinema format all around the city…check out the local papers or the council website for screening times, locations and movies and I’ll see you there… as much as I love the rain I’m hoping for clear sky’s on Saturday and moderate temps to see Harry Potter… with my 8 year old young man… come up and say hi…

Forums are back into swing… so mark them in your diary.. CDB 1st Tuesday, Western 2nd Tuesday, 3rd Eastern and 4th Tuesday is Central…. refer previous posts for more detailed times and locations.  Do come along, have a say at what happens in YOUR city… listen to the presentations and enjoy being part of the wonderful city of Liverpool…


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