Come on councillors were’ only 16 months in ….

You know there are times when being wrong is better … for many months now I’ve highlighted  the expenses, the trips etc of councillors…and in yesterdays Daily Telegraph ( we get the dubious honour of being one of the councils with the highest expense account for councillors. Now until the budget comes out (& possible not even then) we won’t have any idea of what it costs us to support our councillors but some things need to be looked at. Let’s start at the obvious, conferences, time to pull your heads in guys, send the Mayor (or her delegate) and one new councillor… preferably someone who’s not attended before (for the experience) .. expect them to do a complete brief to council on their return and save huge dollars after all it isn’t a holiday.  As for the kind of expenses in addition to these trips let’s hope when the budget is released later this year we can see who and where the money is being spent and lets expect a complete accountability, it is after all our money…we trust these councillors and expect them to be compensated for out of pocket stuff….but TO A POINT. Indulgences and fancy electronics aren’t really necessary to do the job… look at the strife the Mayor is in for telling off her ‘friend’ on the council mobile phone.  I understand in business sometimes you have to spend money to make money, but to date we’ve not seen any of those dollars roll in compliments of our councillors and their contacts or expenses.

When the administrator was in charge of council these same people hammered the topic of her cost to the community… we can’t now just turn a blind eye to the costs just because we elected them.

Mr Portelli, come budget time we would like to know where our hard earned rates are going. I’m thinking this has just made your job even harder… but we are entitled to know.


2 Responses to Come on councillors were’ only 16 months in ….

  1. Inga Leonora says:

    Another excellent post!

    I find it completely appalling that we need to have independant members of the community like yourself, to point out the fact that councillors, and councils actually work for the community. Election day, and the election campaigns are one great big staff hiring session, in which we are the employers! They do not call it the public service for nothing. THEY SERVE US! Plain and simple. Moreover, you make the excellent point that the money any council spends actually comes from the pockets of the constituancy they represent. It does not miraculously appear, it comes straight from YOUR wage.

    I continue to be dissapointed at what and who has come to represent the good people of Liverpool, a group of lack-lustre and sub-standard human beings yet to be matched. My gratitude to you for your continue involvement and commitment to holding our representatives accountable to the Liverpool community at large. Biased I may be, however I feel you are both an asset to my home town, and the NSW Greens, and you have my continued support as you go forward in 2010. You already represent the next wave of community representation that is dedicated to a return to grass-roots democracy, a fine tradition on which this nation was built. I do hope Liverpool is watching, if they are, I know they must feel as I do.

  2. Signe says:

    Sadly the lack lustre etc is being matched all over NSW (& the whole Country) and it is time people started to really look at WHO they vote for on ALL LEVELS of government. Even those councillors with a “good heart” need to know that this is a serious job and to do it well one needs to know that the job is bigger than any individual and deserves the commitment and dedication not only to council etc but more importantly the people who put them there. Liverpool particularly needs to look long and hard at their unwavering support of a Party that has done nothing to return their loyalty. Way to many issues are apparent in Liverpool that could and should have been addressed a long time ago, but hey! It’s a safe Labor Seat -who cares attitude by BOTH MAJOR PARTIES, has left us lacking in many areas.

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