Welcome 20 10

Well, here we are at the beginning of what will be a very interesting and busy year.

It’s time to see what and how we can improve our situation right here in Liverpool. Some things are happening, albeit slowly, things are improving!!  Graffiti is down and many posters have been removed, the Pioneer Park is being given a long overdue face lift and more and more people are becoming active in the community.

We do however still have a few major issues coming to the fore… we want and need more information on the proposed transport and container terminal here in Liverpool, we want some commitment from the government to install noise walls for the residents of Casula, sewerage is still overflowing in West Hoxton, the LAKES group need supporters in their fight to maintain their lakes and Prestons is still a concern when it comes to air quality. 

The Liverpool Fairfield Greens are working in the community to bring some of these issues and results to the wider community but we can’t do it alone. We are a small band of dedicated residents who want mostly the same things you do, fairness for all through Social Justice, Peaceful and nonviolent involvement and appreciation of our neighbours and ecological sustainability as we impact on our environment daily, to do that we need supporters, on ground workers – not necessarily members – although they too are welcome.

If you believe in  Social Justice, Peace & Non Violence, Ecological sustainability and a core grass roots participatory democracy please give me a call or email me… we value you contribution and hope to be able to work alongside you in achieving our basic needs and hopes for Liverpool.

A quick reminder also that the Councils car parking strategy is on display and time is running out for comment… this is a viable, workable plan that with a few tweaks can be a real benefit to parking availability  in the Liverpool CBD. http://www.liverpool.nsw.gov.au/onexhibition.htm scroll down for the CBD parking strategy

The RTA M5 expansion is also on display at present and if we don’t tell them what we want we might just find ourselves in the same place in about 5 years, their plan is insufficient, it will not work in the long term and in five years or less will have us sitting in peak traffic just as it is now if not worse. Time to comment is now, lets’ not settle for what they want to give us (one lane) lets tell them what we want.  www.m5corridorexpansion.com.au

I’m looking forward to your comments and working with and for you in  again 20 10.


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