Saying goodbye to ’09 & welcoming 2010

As I look at what will be the first week in some time without some kind of meeting, forum or committee I am heartened by the number of people who give of their time so freely to work for the community?  This has been a very full 12 months in Liverpool and 2010 is shaping up to be very much the same. To those very special individuals in our community thank you for making 2009 such a fabulous, challenging and engaging time. The year ahead brings some real challenges. We are facing an enormous container storage facility right here on our river and an exceptionally large transport hub to move those – up to 1,000,000 containers. The rail issues continue, as does the problems with sewerage, the lack of buses, the noise walls, the removal of lakes at Cecil hills, Prestons pollution etc, etc. etc.,

I am  taking  this opportunity to wish you and your families all the best this Christmas season can bring, but mostly that the new year brings with it some solutions to the problems that face us as a Regional City. Liverpool is a great place to work, relax, play and it offers so much more in potential and promise of things to come.

Enjoy whatever break you get , I’m working :-{  but will enjoy a bunch of Public Holidays and look forward to working with you and for you in 2010.

A quick note of congrats to the council staff who came up with the grant ideas for the noise walls at the last council meeting etc and the councillors who supported the recommendation, fingers crossed this gets the walls for the residents of Casula whilst giving this lousy excuse for a government an out for not doing what is right… hopefully a Win for these tired and neglected residents and a shameful pass for the NSW Labor and Liberal parties who have done everything they could NOT to do what is right. Also a quick thank you to Cllr Peter Harle for being there when none or few of his colleagues are, were, or even planned to be. Peter we might not always agree but at least we are there for the residents, shamefully not enough of the other councillors bother.

And a timely reminder to our Councillors and Mayor, regardless of the independent  review outcome ,  what you say on the phone,  in caucus or anywhere  may be deemed private but you represent us and we’d like you to do that with some class and consideration please.

Lastly… pls don’t forget to get your comments into council with regards to the CBD Parking strategy and  to the RTA telling them that ONE (1) additional lane on the M5 is simply not enough, whilst giving two lanes to the people (who don’t pay tolls) in the inner  western suburbs by duplicating the tunnel…

Don’t forget to the Australia Day Festival at Woodward Park on the 26/1/10, put it in your diary now and I’ll see you there.

Merry Christmas, have a wonderful, relaxing break and may 2010 bring every Joy, peace and happiness to you all.  SEE you in 2010 ….


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