winding UP not down

As Christmas approaches and forums wind down, it would be easy to think things are slowing down… but in Liverpool this is not the case, this week I’ve attended a number of groups all of whom know that Christmas will not be a quiet time.

Monday I had the pleasure of catching up with the residents of Cecil Hills who are fighting to maintain the lakes across from their homes. Although sold as lakes the developers are set on creating another medium density housing estate right over the lakes… never mind the wild life, the flora- forget them- we’ll build some wetlands a bit further on so they can manage for themselves. DOH…did I hear that right, they’ll build more wetlands, why not leave the ones there  alone, win/win for all, the eco system is well established, the residents bought and paid for the view and the developer plans to build more wetlands ?”()? … what? so they can fill them in when they see the dollar signs and need more developable  land. Let’s get real, the lakes are established and flourishing… leave them alone, locals enjoy the open space which by the way is along the creek line. Leave it alone! Landcom & Mirvac have considerable land holdings in the vicinity, develop those and leave this valuable eco system alone, the swans, the water birds, come on…

Tuesday night was the councils forum in the CBD, considerable effort was put forward to invite business owners and operators in the CBD to come along and look at the options being put forward by council and the CBD Committee with regards to parking in the CBD… 30 or so business people came, many quite sceptical that they would be ignored and their ideas dismissed.  I’m pleased to say this is not the case, and I urge all the business owners in Liverpool to read the proposals (Available on the council website and make comment. This CBD info session/ forum was a direct link from the CBD Committee (all who read this regularly will know I and Frank Cartisano are the community representatives) and we want you to let us know what you feel about the ideas, give us any suggestions and contribute to our CBD. For our city to flourish we need to address the parking situation and the suggestions in this document are designed to make shoppers feel more welcome and spend their money in local businesses. If you would like to discuss this with me either email or call me on 8777 5599. I’m extremely passionate that we address the issues of parking in Liverpool ASAP, this is our city and we need to involve ourselves in its growth.

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Environment Advisory Committee, (here also I am the Community Rep) and I thoroughly relish the ideas and processes in place to restore and appreciate our environment, be it community involved workshops or the riparian works done along our creeks and in our parks…this is what you pay for in your rates, the environment levy we all pay and knowing that it is being spent correctly and effectively is something we all should be interested in.

Things that are happening you may be interested in: Saturday at  9am – 1pm Moorebank Community Centre (Cnr Nuwarra Rd & Maddeck’s Ave, Moorebank) there is an M5 Expansion information session being held. I f you or someone you know use the m5, cross it or simply travel around Liverpool you might be interested in popping along and having listen to the proposals. There is also a website link  While you are there come up and say hello and tell me your thoughts on the Intermodal being planned for the School of Military engineering site (another reason for the M5 expansion).

On the 12th 12.30-3.30 is the LAG (Liverpool Action Group) meeting at the Liverpool Library – I’ll be there also so pop in, meet some like minded people and discuss issues that either interest you or affect you in Liverpool.

19th–  the following week again at the Library is the Liverpool/Fairfield Greens meeting, our last for the year, 10.30—12.30  another fabulous opportunity to share with us your hopes, concerns and issues – we have some terrific ideas we’d like to share with you

Then if you still have time, don’t forget to comment to council on the CBD parking strategy due 11th January, or the lakes issue at Cecil Hills.  Then of course if you have some time you could write to council and tell them how disgusted you are that the residents of West Hoxton don’t have access to sewerage, or that the residents of Casula still have no noise barriers, or the residents of Sadleir, Ashcroft  & Casula Links can’t get to a bus in a reasonable walking distance or in fact any bus if you live west of Cowpasture Road.  Any of the issues that affect resident’s of the greater Liverpool. Maybe also that we still have no real information regarding the intermodal and more

This in fact is a great City; it still needs some work but is worth the time.


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