It’s time:

We all are now more aware of the Intermodal and the huge impact this will have on the residents of Wattlegrove and the greater Liverpool. At the meeting on Monday I asked that the community be included in the discussion process and now, not wait until it’s either built or too late. I was approached by another member of the CILTA group who indicated she will attempt to organise another community forum and information session.

 If you would like to be included in any forums or information sessions that come up please register your name and email address with and I will add you to the data base of interested and concerned members of the community. I am a member of the Liverpool Fairfield Greens and this is  NOT an attempt to gather details for any other purpose other than the Intermodal and issues pertaining to the Liverpool area. I strongly believe that the community on the whole needs to be informed and included in this development and am keen to makes sure we are. Information will be sent to you privately under BCC so no one else will be able to gather your details.

Simply send an email to: with YES in the subject line and your name and email address, phone number if you choose and I will do everything I can to make sure information reaches you as it becomes available.

On another note, Last night’s forum was most interesting, the Rural fire brigade spoke on the new fire warnings now in place, we the residents strongly voiced our opinions on a couple of issues and voted unanimously to have them included in the minutes as motions, Council staff spoke about the Restoration & Revegetation processes and the sale of Public assets… all in all a good meeting with some strong opinions and debate. The last Eastern forum for the year I might add.


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