Frustration begins in Liverpool

Talk about frustrated… last week ARTC chose to halt works because of a Tip,Signe Westerberg HeadshotsFAV  (78 of 102) seems the tip is more important than the affected people of Casula, nobody wants to tell us or include us in discussions regarding the intermodal  oops ‘proposed intermodal at Moorebank’, silica still fills the windy air at Prestons, West Hoxton still suffers the sewerage outfall with  no impending remedy, and now our Member of Parliament Mr Paul Lynch makes $700,000 (A GOOD THING) available to help those living in squaller  but only if you live in inner Sydney or the eastern and northern suburbs… did anyone tell him we have issues of people living in appalling circumstances right here in his electorate?

Damn I get annoyed… when I was campaigning last year and knocking on doors the most upsetting thing was the number of houses I called on where elderly people were living in sub standard situations…now our LOCAL Member hands out money (through his portfolio)  to those living in the inner city or in harbour side/eastern/northern suburbs. Please don’t get me wrong, NO ONE should have to live under these appalling circumstances but when does charity begin at home? Certainly not here in Liverpool it seems if you happen to live in a safe labor seat forget it…charity begins elsewhere…

I’ve lived in Liverpool for just about 50years and nothing drives me crazier than the neglect we feel here in Liverpool and our surrounding suburbs even from our own elected representatives… and yet on the whole we the people are so damned loyal… when can the same thing be said about those same representatives…?


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