The Friendly Trip

Our councillor’s sojourn to Tamworth seems to have had a positive Signe Westerberg Headshots (38 of 102)effect… from a testy unpleasant previous meeting to all laughs and smiles at last night’s meeting. Perhaps this is the part where they start working together for the betterment of the area…

A fairly light agenda proved to be a long (and not so unpleasant) event as the councillors listened to the Auditor’s report on Council finances. Even the Price Waterhouse Coopers speaker acknowledged his frankness could come in light of our already signing off on their services for another 12 months.  Council finances are in pretty reasonable shape, we’ve lost a little but with the grants etc over the last year we’ve come out of it ok (not fantastic but ok). Sadly the auditor did suggest we continue to receive rates increases bah Humbug…  I do get frustrated at many councillors still aren’t reading the material provided but alas one assured me that ‘they ask the questions they feel the public would ask” mind you we aren’t idiots and some of their questions are –  well…. ordinary.

There has been a small win for the residents of Casula as an additional condition has been added to the work being done by the ARTC for noise wall installation, however in light of today’s news that ARTC is pulling the pin on the project I’m not 100% sure if we will ever see the benefit of this win.

Another small win is the installation of Information boards and leaflet stands in the rural post offices, all going well this should allow the residents of the rural areas at least an over view of matters in Liverpool and provision to make comments and participate in programs etc

Gallery numbers were down last night, we’ve been getting pretty good attendance but whether or not it is that items are still being dealt with in closed session or the ‘excitement’ of the new council has waned. There are still a number of matters we don’t hear a response on… we are still unaware of the results from the closed session/ action where the Mayor hushed/differed discussion on her less than attractive outburst to councillor McGoldrick. I’ve asked individual councillors to have questions without notice answers be included in the minutes and this is beginning to happen…thank you.  Just a note, the questions without notice should be when a Councillor is representing the community on issues they feel need to be discussed in Council or require additional information. Not necessarily questions pertaining to pot holes and garbage pickups, they, like us …  can use the online service for potholes etc or hand them on to the GM for action by the appropriate department.

Can I urge all the readers of this column to watch out for a couple of items soon to be on display for public comment:

1) already on display – the proposed sale of public land needs your comments, if you think a particular piece of land should be sold, or used for a public park, this is your opportunity to comment and voice an opinion.

 2) Chipping Norton Residents’ need to comment on the Bankstown Air traffic changes that WILL affect them.

3)All residents need to review the proposed CBD parking strategy and make comment, I’ve been involved (as your rep) in these and suggest if you feel ½ hr parking in Macquarie & George isn’t enough or have other suggestions this is the time to let Council know… (I can’t imagine what you can do 1/2hr and would prefer this to be 1hr parking) There is a detailed report available and is well worth your time to read and make comment.


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