To many things to wait

Signe Westerberg Headshots (96 of 102)What a terrific meeting on Saturday, first I caught up with a like minded local who was willing to sit and spend time with me discussing a couple of important issues in Wattlegrove and Moorebank thanks Valerie, then on to the Green’s meeting where again I had the privilege to sit amongst like minded locals and discuss matters important to the whole Liverpool Area. A special thanks to DB for her contribution to our meeting with Lee Rhiannon. It is important to realise that so much of what happens while not costing much still incurs a fee…rest assured we aren’t frivolous and acknowledge the work done by so few for so many.  

Last Thursday I had the honour of attending the GRCCC (Georges River Combined Councils Committee)meeting at Wollondilly, I am as you probably know the Community Rep on the UGRUSP (we met Friday afternoon, more soon) and we had three speakers and wow it was interesting.

1st one of the Authors of Rivers of Resilience, this book has recently been released and speaks of the Aboriginal community who live (and lived) along the Georges River, I just can’t wait to get my head into that book as it mentions so much of  my life (albeit I’m not aboriginal) but the settlements and lives of people who moved here from the likes of Redfern and Riverwood… all the way back to when the first fleeters settled in the areas between here and Sydney cove… there is also a display on right now in the Liverpool Library…up on the top floor and although only a quick look inspires me to return when I have a little more time.

The second speaker spoke of the wonderful works being done along the river at Bankstown…if you take a drive to Lake Gillawarna… and see the 3 D house on the corner of Newbridge Rd and Henry Lawson Drive…then take a walk along the pathways all the way up to the Barnaby’s site and see the amazing artworks placed there and the stories involved…well worth your time… I was at the Launch a couple of months back and am still impressed…

Thirdly – A couple who spoke at great detail about the proposed mining lease BHP Billiton has on the banks of the Georges river in Appin. Scary!!!

Friday I attended as the community rep for the Upper Georges River Urban Sustainability Project… we meet regularly and have been working diligently on things that can be done to improve access and the health of the Georges River, from Appin where it begins to here in Liverpool. Recently a local said to me that he’d not heard anything since the initial community meeting and when I reminded my colleagues that our work was not necessarily being seen by the local communities a decision was made to have brief prepared and circulated to the community through the local papers. Keep your eyes peeled for this I’m sure you’ll be impressed with the things that have started and will soon start on and around our beautiful river.  Also please take a few minutes to check out the website we’ve been involved in  this website  is a joint project between the UGRUSP & GRCCC and the two other Projects (Mid & Lower Georges) along this wonderful water way.

Once you’ve done that and appreciate the beauty of this wonderful asset…search out the BHP Billiton development at Appin and see the proposed 30year lease they have on the catchment area and the long term impacts this development will have on the Georges River…. a 30 year lease..In my opinion it is outrageous!


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