Week ending 16th October

A little slow off the mark this week as I’ve been running from pillar to post, Signe Westerberg Headshots (38 of 102)Council meeting on Monday night was interesting in that a matter in confidence called by Deputy  Mayor Toni Hadchiti was postponed until the end of the meeting when we were asked to wait outside while council went into closed session… 40 or so minutes passed and the doors were re-opened only to find out that the meeting had been closed… gee I wish they’d said that BEFORE the dozen or so of us waited to be included in the conversations … alas we still aren’t privy to the matter… another to add to the ever growing list of matters discussed in confidence…

There were three who spoke in the speaker’s forum, myself, seeking the support of councillors on the ridiculously unsafe “proposed” road through Berryman reserve at Warwick Farm… what a dangerous idea… and two speakers from the street university speaking on the Legal Walls at Casula Powerhouse.  The IHAP matter regarding the soccer field at Cecil Hills was deferred awaiting further discussion and information. Most other matters were discussed briefly and supported, some like the Aircraft noise affecting Chipping Norton residents having some additional requirements added, additions to the Graffiti policy and some discussion on Council meetings for 2010 with the comment by the Mayor, when additional meetings were discussed by Cllr Mannoun, that attendance at briefings could be improved…  It is clear there is no love lost between the parties at council and I doubt we can expect any change here.

I’m the Community Rep on the CBD Committee also held on Monday and all I can say is the GM attending the Forum in December should provide business owners and residents with what plans are being investigated and incorporated in the CBD. I recommend that if you are a business owner/manager or are interested in the CBD mark the 1.12.09 in your diary as a must attend. I will say however that the wheels of progress do move slowly and those of us on the committee are as keen for a positive & expedient outcome as is the community in general.

Tuesdays Forum was great, I have to say the Western Forum is a lively and motivated group and with speakers from council like the Environment Depts, Mellissa Clarke and Director of City Strategy Milan Marecic on board to answer questions – ask they did…this is one forum where shy and reserved isn’t much represented and I have to admit I love it… you walk away knowing you are amongst people of like mind who care about their community.

Things are hotting up with the Proposed Intermodal at Moorebank and Wattlegrove … this could be one of the largest developments to affect our city to date and I strongly urge everyone to keep a keen ear and be ready to support residents as this proposal if what we hear is correct will affect the entire city…not just a small pocket of residents… I will bring you more on this.

I will also bring you news on the outcome of Green’s MLC’s Lee Rhiannon & Sylvia Hales presentation to parliament on the noise walls when it comes to hand… let’s hope party politics are set aside and they can garner a good outcome for these poor residents.

So as you see, there is never a dull moment and with my involvement with the Liverpool Branch of the NSW Justices, their ongoing training and our hosting of the  State conference coming up next year there is always something happening in our city. Stay tuned, more as it comes to hand….


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