A meeting with MLC Lee Rhiannon & Graffiti gets an airing…

Signe Westerberg HeadshotsFAV  (78 of 102)Things are a little quiet on the home front this week, no forums. I usually enjoy the odd week where there is nothing on at council but alas I heard that the Council staff were holding an info meeting re the draft Graffiti  policy and decided to rock on up and see if as many people as say they are, are really as passionate about the huge graffiti problem here in Liverpool. Alas not so many think it THAT important, albeit a blight on our neighbourhoods it only rated important for 7 locals, 4 of whom attend all the usual forums and Councillor Lucas and two residents I’d not met before. Might I say at this point I’d already read the documents and made my submission (on line here if you’d like a read). As you know I’m like everyone else, annoyed by tagging etc but I believe there are far more important issues facing Liverpool, but it was interesting to hear from one young fellow who not only does the art work at the Powerhouse but also teaches aerosol art. If you read my submission I think the most important thing we can do here is separate the words graffiti and art. To me they aren’t interconnected, and when reminded last night that young people call it so, I questioned the need for re education. The older of us in the community need to face the education that for some aerosol art is a valid form or art, so why can’t the younger people learn to differentiate the two words? Alas not enough people considered this the burning issue so perhaps some of our councillors can redirect their focus onto issues more needing of their attention, don’t get me wrong, we need to address the issue of graffiti and firmly but move on we must.

Of greatest importance to me this week was the meeting held at the community centre in Mill Road, with MLC Lee Rhiannon, where Lee asked for input from the community as to their hopes and desires for their suburb in relation to the new ARTC rail lines and the new road to the Casula Powerhouse……what a great turn out last evening. Also terrrific putting some well known names and faces together.

Lee asked the residents to tell her, their stories, how the ARTC rail development was affecting them, and they did. Although a highly emotive issue for many they told their personal stories, the interaction with the Government agencies, the effects on their health and safety, with such decorum and passion. The huge potential cost of continued battering by noise and sleep deprivation on their health alone is a matter that should be capturing the attention of the Government departments. The State Greens team led by MLC Rhiannon will do all they can to get this issue forefront and fixed. For me it was also great to have the input of Councillors Napolitano and Harle,  Helena from the Leader and Mal from Street Corner and as one resident noted to be able to work alongside each other will bring the best results. This is how a community should work, no one-up-man-ship just concerned people working together to achieve the desired result.

At the same time across town the Hoxton Park Group had a meeting also and are working on their case for the courts in November. If you ‘d like to help them with the potential costs involved contact the HPRAGInc@hotmail.com or buy a raffle ticket. I’ve been told many local businesses have donated products for raffle to help offset the costs of this legal challenge.

There are many things being thrust upon us here in Liverpool, I’m all too happy to assist where I can as is the whole Liverpool Fairfield Greens team. If you would like to chat with us on any issue please feel free to contact me or Bill Cashman (theres a link on this page).

Liverpool is our home, this is where our hearts are and we want what you want, a safe, healthy environment that looks after its residents, its workers and visitors.

Have a great long weekend….


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  1. Signe says:

    The above review is from UNSW site… they after reading my comment thought you might be interested in theirs… in the hope of encouraging debate and discussion…there you go….

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