Where to begin….

Signe Westerberg Headshots (96 of 102)Where do I begin, we have a Mayor who thought leaving a nasty message on a councillors voice mail was private, Der !  We have a councillor who has actively worked against the Powerhouse now on the management committee and the Labor councillors have been pretty much unsuccessful on nearly all other committees.  That was the council meeting! Rubber stamping is still rife and debate was limited. I put forward some ideas with regard to the selling off of public property, and asked that the councillors vehemently pursue the noise barriers at Casula, and have had two councillors support my ideas. (Address to Liverpool City Council meeting 14.9.09) The Labor faction is infighting and then Councillor Gillani questioned the tactics used to have him ousted from the WSROC committee. Lordy these people need help they are systematically destroying themselves. If they would only put that effort into supporting the community!

The Eastern forum was as always informative, I now know how to lay a cricket pitch and why council has so few…and Simon Fox from council spoke about the Graffiti policy and invited submissions… so if you would like to comment on how Council handles, supports, eliminates graffiti this is your opportunity.

This week it was also brought to my attention that the idea of writing a submission was a little daunting to many people… I have attached an idea of what a submission can look like, for me it is simply a letter to say whether I support a particular idea or not. Suggested Submission outline

There is lots happening here in Liverpool but if you have the time on Tuesday 29th September come along and support the residents of Casula and Wattlegrove to: The Liverpool Community Centre 14b Mill Rd Liverpool at 7pm. MLC Lee Rhiannon will be there to discuss future development and Parliamentary involvement in attempting to get what’s right done for the people of Liverpool.

Plus submissions are still needed for the New Road at Casula, the Parking station at Warwick farm and now the Graffiti policy for LCC – time to write those letters is running out, call me if  I  can assist or email me at swesterberg@lso.com.au


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