What can we do?

So we have a town crier and the Mayor has acknowledged some lunches and functions…yay… is that all there is?

One of the best parts of what I’ve been involved with in recent years is listening to people, listening to them talk about what they’d like to see in Liverpool, their dreams, their concerns and their hopes. We don’t always agree, which is great, debate is wonderful, forums such as these allow for all opinions to come together and discuss issues. You get the odd whinger who instead of participating throws stones from the outside, knocking the attempts by citizens. Again this is their prerogative but who does it help? (Point in question the Champion online article Communication woes for LCC). At least on Street Corner and this site  people comment, again not always agreeing but free and open debate.

 So my question this week is how do we improve interaction, how do we encourage people to get involved? There are too many issues in Liverpool to list here, big issues, issues deserving of debate, discussion and downright outrage but still only a few get involved.  One of the reasons I get involved in the council forums is they are regular, the venue is provided and the small core group of attendees do care, but they are small groups by comparison… what can we do to encourage Liverpudlians to engage – not necessarily agree, many of my own opinions have been changed through debate with others closer to a situation. How do we reach more people? How do we encourage debate? What is your burning issue, something you’d like others to involve in? On our own very little will change, but if we band together we can become a force working together for the betterment of our city and its residents.

While I have your attention please consider supporting the residents get the barriers by making a submission to: ssfl@artc.com.au  the website to find out more is:  www.ssfl.artc.com.au and if you are in a writing mood the Warwick Farm car park is also calling for submissions in support of the car park over the existing (and arguing against the installation of a new street through Berryman reserve). http://www.tidc.nsw.gov.au/ or through the streetcorner post on the 28th August.

If you’d like more info give me a call or drop me an email.


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