Another week in the life:

Signe Westerberg Headshots (96 of 102)Week in and week out you hear me talk about the forums, 18 or so months ago I decided to run for council, to do that I felt I needed to understand the whole Liverpool not just my small part, so I’ve been attending all four forums since (previously I’d only attended the CBD). I report on the passion and the commitment of these residents, what they want for the community, what they are willing to do and the time they commit to doing so. I’m hooked, I attend anything I can that will give me a better understanding of what we need and where we want our city to go, I continue to attend because these residents’ inspire me, they make me even more proud to live here in Liverpool and to represent you where I can.

For a nice change I’ve been the bearer of good news… as your representative on Environmental Advisory committee with Liverpool council I was one of the first to hear of the success our new Waste Services Program had achieved and answer some localised questions, with permission (as meeting content is usually confidential until being approved by Councillors) the last two forums I’ve been able to clarify some resident concerns and report of our Success…Liverpool take a bow… in our first month we have achieved the 80% target for ‘diversion from landfill’ … most Council’s expect to achieve this over a period of time, but Liverpudlians achieved this in the first month… along with better than average results for less contamination etc we are doin’ good. Big deal I hear you say but it is, our council has spent an enormous amount of our money rolling out this program, it has been embraced by the wider community and is from all accounts a huge success. Don’t you just love hearing that money spent has been well spent? I’m the first to have a whinge if I see or feel our rates money is being wasted or ill spent, (You just have to read past blogs to see that) so to be able to report a positive is a joy and this success will save us even more money as time goes by and as legislation changes over coming years to ensure less waste is put into land fill.

I am also the community representative on the CBD Committee and would value ideas and comments you would like to make and present them on your behalf at either of the committees I represent you, so send me an email, call me or let me know and I will take your comments and ideas to the committees for you.

Just another reminder too that the Liverpool Fairfield Greens meet this Saturday in the Liverpool Library at 10.30-12.30. Remember you won’t be pressured or coerced to join or anything but we do value your comment and attendance. Learn a little more about us; tell us a little of what you would like and if there is anything we can do to help champion your cause or hopes.


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