Weekly update 12.8.09

Signe Westerberg Headshots (38 of 102)

Sadly the Liverpool Champion chose not to include in the paper this week the entire comment I made with regard to  Councillors and the representation in the Western/Rural areas of Liverpool nor did they include the article I was replying to. To Read the comment including the piece they chose to leave out click on here Are Liverpools rural suburbs forgotten? I guess it suits them better to see me challenge the councillors than the part that has me knock them and their poor coverage of the western area. If you’d like to read the entire article copy into your browser : http://www.liverpoolchampion.com.au/news/local/news/general/are-liverpools-rural-suburbs-forgotten/1590256.aspx

Other matters:  Monday I was delighted to attend the CBD Committee meeting, whilst things take some time to get rolling it was nice sitting with other committee members discussing the future plans for the CBD and how to help it flourish. I would welcome your input if you have suggestions, I am one of the community representatives and as such would be delighted to put forward ideas from the community so please don’t hesitate…call, email or see me at the CBD Forum.

The Draft Bike Plan is on public display at present so please take a few minutes and check it out. www.liverpool.nsw.gov.au I’ve already made my submission and whilst I am a realist that things being included may be limited, if we don’t make suggestions we have no one to blame but ourselves if it isn’t what you want or would like to see for Liverpool. Mostly my suggestions were to include social bike paths for smaller and young children, to encourage them to cycle. If you would like to read it Draft Bike Plan Submission

Western Forum was last night, what a delight to see so many in attendance, this forum is a wonderful example of a community embracing the forum as a means to address the community’s needs, last night also saw 3 councillors in attendance, a nice change to just one, Peter Harle who often attends, Gary Lucas who sometimes attends and a western newbie Tony Hadchiti… these guys work for you so it’s nice to see them and more importantly for them to hear you. Of course that means the other 8 didn’t show up, so hopefully they will at least attend forums closer to their homes or drop in from time to time. I know I harp a little on this, but these 11 councillors put their hand up to represent the whole of Liverpool and sadly other than for these 3 (mostly) they don’t attend community based initiatives and interaction.

The Men’s sheds, to date I’ve not had much feedback, the very little I’ve had was supportive but for this to become a reality I need more gentlemen to get on board, come on guys if you don’t know what they are call me, email me or Google men’s sheds, there are heaps of them out there and all a little different but the overall comment is that they are GOOD.

Lastly: Saturday 22nd August is the bimonthly meeting of the Liverpool Fairfield Greens, 10.30-12.30 at Liverpool Library, please consider dropping by, we value input from members of the community and appreciate ideas for the many projects we are working on in both Liverpool and Fairfield. We encourage you to drop by and promise not to “pressure you to join” although I encourage you to take a look at us and what we do here in our local area.


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