National Tree Day

Congrats to council staff for a terrific morning on Sunday, whilst I’mSigne Westerberg HeadshotsFAV  (78 of 102) not sure of the number of attendees the lack of Councillors in attendance was obvious. Was it perhaps this is not an election year? Was it that they need our 9% but to work alongside us on such a valuable community project was not in their job description or was it as I’ve said so oft before, that the majority of them show no need to come up close to the average Liverpudlian?  To the Lions club for cooking up a fabulous Sausage sizzle and the reptile guys who kept the children (& some not so small) entertained, thank you!!  What a lovely area to work in, as with many of you, I don’t get to visit all the fabulous sites around Liverpool as often as I’d like but the amount of work that has gone into Lighthorse Park is commendable. (Not bad for an old Tip)  I understand the environmental group who works this area is keen to assist the Parks Dept with the monument site and give it a cleanup, thank you for what you do, it’s these valuable volunteers in Liverpool that assist so much, such a shame the councillors didn’t see fit to drop by and dig in….


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