Council Meeting 27.7.09

This week’s meeting saw a number of young people address the council onSigne Westerberg HeadshotsFAV  (78 of 102) the Graffiti Management Strategy, 5 members of the Ted Noff’s Street University attended and pleaded their case for the continuance of the graffiti walls. Media was present and the young people spoke extremely well putting forward a strong and passionate case. Councillor Lucas as always took the opportunity to grandstand a little and to berate these same young people for tagging and illegally painting on private property. Cllr Napolitano jumped to their defence although I believe these young men and women were more than capable of understanding the councillors need to puff and posture. All in all I believe they added a fair and reasonable perspective to an issue that in Liverpool gets far more concern than is warranted. Illegal graffiti is a big problem, everywhere, but for some reason here in Liverpool a number of our councillors consider it by far our biggest issue. I, though consider the slow death of the southern part of our city far more urgent, the need for protection of our citizens from undue noise and pollution, the abject need for buses to service our outer suburbs and some of our inner suburbs, the need to service our rural areas better, cleaning  and improving the CBD and providing easy affordable parking in our centres, the need to provide job opportunities for our locals and training and education for our unemployed and of course the need to have our councillors prepared to debate and discuss issues other than their pet project or raising their image/ profile.

Another matter:  if councillor Lucas has proof or substance to his allegations of selling off historical items from the Casula Powerhouse please put it forward to either the GM or the police, making statements as he did last evening is divisive and unfair to the vast majority of council employees who are hurt or smeared with the innuendo that is left after such statements. If in fact items have been sold this is an issue for the police or at the very least warrants further investigation and allegations in chambers is inappropriate at best.

It concerns me greatly that debate is oft not included across the agenda, and it seems conversations with others after the meeting indicates that I’m not alone here.

Just a note also as I have been asked…Yes I did participate in the CBD Committee meeting, I did offer comments and opinion although not included in the minutes as did Frank Cartisano and a number of other participants.  The minutes don’t seem to reflect that a healthy debate on a number of issues was had and that an opinion on a number of issues was expressed and not only by council staff and councillors.

Another question I’d like to raise is: why do we need 7 councillors to attend the NSW Annual Conference in Tamworth? And that while adding motions to be included in the agenda could it not be suggested that councils all over the state (whom I believe are all doing it as tough as we are) could nominate 2-3 people from their ranks to represent the council at such events. At $990 per person plus accommodation and travel this is an expense I believe we could have pulled back on… alas not one of our councillors must have considered this as an option or suggested it and from all accounts had pretty much decided which 7 were getting the all expenses paid trip away. I am happy to be corrected here, but as I mentioned recently about the trip to Canberra surely notes can be taken, trust can be implied and reason could take place and 4 days away for at least 4 councillor’s  could have been saved by the rate payers of Liverpool.

Lastly a reminder that the draft Bike plan is on public display at the moment and if it interests you what plans council has for both commuter and passive bike travel into the future, please have a look on councils website or phone the staff and make comment.

PPS… don’t forget to read the previous blog about men’s shed’s I’m keen to get some feedback before I invest in books and instruction manuals to help initiate the process of getting one started


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