Men’s sheds.

Signe Westerberg Headshots (96 of 102)For quite some time now I’ve chatted with some of the local residents with regards to forming a “Men’s Shed” program. I’ve looked at this as an observer and have recently made enquiries with the Bonnyrigg men’s shed –previous participant.  These “Sheds” seem to me to be a terrific venue for fella’s to get together, work on projects and get some “man time”. From my understanding they can often be a venue for men getting valuable health information and interaction with other blokes who find they have a little time on their hands.

Do you know of someone who might be interested in becoming part of this vital group of local men?

Do you have an expertise or skill you could share?

Do you know of an older disused building that could be converted into a “shed” (cheap even better free)

Are you interested in forming a steering committee to get one up and running in Liverpool?

For me, this is an important addition to the lives of gentlemen all over our LGA, I am happy to be part of getting one going, I’d be happy to contribute of my time to keep one running and to investigate the commencement of such a project. But I cannot do it alone.

Please send me your ideas, and suggestions for gentlemen who could help me get this project off the ground. Or if in fact you think the whole idea is a waste of time…let me know…surely there are some fella’s out there who would find knocking together pieces of furniture etc, perhaps a little gardening or whatever, even if it is just to give them a break from the missus for a few hours each week.

I wish we had one around when my dad was alive, perhaps having an interest might have just kept him around a little longer…


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