update 24.6.09

Signe Westerberg HeadshotsFAV  (78 of 102)Saturday was the local Greens meeting and I must say I totally enjoy attending, what an amazing opportunity to discuss the needs of our community alongside some truly dedicated people. Greens Councillor Lesa De Leau was a guest speaker and gave a wonderful overview of her role as the only Green councillor at Rockdale and the opportunities it presented for her. She spoke of the State conference (I also attended) and was most encouraging for those like me who aspire to achieve more in local council. It is great to see we have guests attending, you don’t have to join to attend, we welcome your input and look forward to sharing ideas with you.
These events serve well as a reminder of how accessible the Greens MPs are and that I simply need to pick up a phone when I have a question or am working on a project within our LGA.

Tuesday saw the Central forum, these always inspire me, the access to Council officers is great and as mentioned previously they are presenting the Bike plan for the LGA, which by the way will go on public view in early July, so look out for it and make sure you comment on what it is you’d like in your local area.

Cllrs Lucas, Harle & Hadchiti were also in attendance and to my delight one of the more senior residents took them to task on what is and is not being achieved.  Now if that were me asking the same questions I’d have been accused of knocking the councillors so for me Yippee and I’m glad you came Don. I think most of us understand there has been a huge learning curve for these councillors but now they need to step up and make some significant moves to get things done. A chat later with all three councillors and it’s lovely to see that they are continuing to question/ challenge the access for the school at Hoxton Park. I’ve also made some enquiries and hopefully there will be good news for the residents of Hoxton Park soon. So HP Residents don’t give up, we might, with a huge amount of luck, just get the RTA to rethink the access issue…. I truly hope this is the case, but time will tell and then I’ll let you know… keep watching and don’t forget together we can achieve much more than anyone of us could achieve alone.


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