2nd chance

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As per my previous blog LCC councillors Harle, Hadchiti and Lucas have had the matter of the school held over until the next council meeting on the 29.6.09.

From information forwarded to me from Cllr Hadchiti, we have an opportunity to approach this school from another angle. As you know all along my problem was with the access and safety issues and in several blogs (street corner and the like) I have suggested that Hoxton Park Rd should be the only access considered and that the RTA had withdrawn this as an option. I have been told that Cllr Hadid has had conversations with the MFIS board members and that they prefer the use of Hoxton Park Rd also and that if we work together we might be able to persuade the Minister to over ride the RTA and suggest this. I have included a copy of the email I sent to the Minister and if you feel so inclined copy the pieces you feel represent your feeling s or make up your own email and send it as a matter of haste as we need an outcome before the 29th.  Please do what you can to get this email into your own words as we need the Minister to understand how it affects each and every one of the residents in Hoxton Park and the surrounding suburbs. click on the link below to view my email:

Minister Daley re MFISchool


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