Council Meeting 15.6.09

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Last night saw a huge crowd of people attend the Council meeting designated to decide on the fate of the proposed school at 612 Hoxton Park Rd.

Many are aware that the residents have worked tirelessly to point out to council and the community that this particular location was not appropriate for safety and traffic reasons. I have also commented on Street corner that I would not send my children to this location, it’s a 2600sqm site proposed to school 800 children and 50 or so teachers and support staff. Anyone who knows me will know that this for me is not a religious issue; this is purely a “locational” one… alas last night the councillors in their lack of infinite wisdom voted to allow the school to proceed.

To their credit Cllrs Hadchiti, Lucas & Harle voted against this proposal on all the right reasons… namely the aforementioned location and that the residents themselves were pleading for support against the development. Sadly the other councillors hid behind jargon and rhetoric rather than vote for what was best for the community. The Applicant advised he would abide by the council decision regardless of the outcome; some of our councillors ignored the residents in favour of a school whose origins were outside our LGA.

Onto other matters raised during the meeting, Councillors had the opportunity to have a 2.5% pay increase and Cllr Stanley proposed that the councillors choose not to accept the 2.5%. Good news I say, as I had already begun preparing documents to stifle any chance they might have had, with council in dire financial circumstances (hence the need for 9% rate increase)  the thought of paying some of these councillors to do so very little is abhorrent.

Other matters were mostly operational issues, but I heard that Cllr Lucas wouldn’t be available for the Heritage committee meeting next week as he was attending the Canberra summit… which takes me back to my last meeting comment of how many councillors put their hand up to attend on our dollar…seems my request to send two and take notes fell on deaf ears…alas I wonder what the cost of this sojourn costs us, the people of Liverpool.

The Lehmann oval situation has become untenable and council has closed it for sporting groups, hear! hear!… this particular oval has been a money pit for way too long. Perhaps we could encourage the locals to set up a community garden on the site,  according to Cllr McGoldrick…”someone” is looking at a proposal for the land… I guess time will tell although Cllr McGoldrick was keen to withhold info for the moment.

My understanding is that the Hoxton Park School site is to be readdressed at the next council meeting on the 29thas a rescission motion was lodged last evening. More on this as it comes to hand.


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