Council Meeting 25.5.09

 Well where does one begin? What a shambles.Signe Westerberg HeadshotsFAV  (78 of 102)

Clearly the Groups have formed.

The mood was set…sniping continued  throughout the meeting, Cllr McGoldrick has quite a lot to say when it enters the sniping department but contributes very little to the actual debate process. If he isn’t sniping he is sucking up to the Mayor, Paul Lynch or K Rudd so he really isn’t contributing much at all.

Cllr Stanley introduced a good motion regarding the Bill posters program being pursued by both Sydney & Ashfield Councils, debate proceeded. It seems in this instance the local paper’s “call to action” has made Cllr Hadchiti want action not investigation.  His amendment to Cllr Stanley’s motion brought the factions into place, the now liberalised  group managed to have their amendment accepted – Note I wrote ‘ the Liberalised Group’… it seems we now have two distinct groups in council, you know the Independent Council you voted for…well it’s looking more and more like Liberal Vs Labor.  6 to 5.

Now here’s the kicker towards the end the General Manager introduced information not provided in the minutes due to its late arrival, the Gen Man and the Mayor were invited to attend another “money hand out” conference in Canberra, costing $800 each plus accommodation. No Kicker…true, but what happened after was…Cllr  Lucas, Cllr Mannoun (could make himself available) and some others want to be included… so here we have possibly 4 more  now wanting to attend as well.  Making  costs of $4800 plus 6 x accommodation for 3 days and travel to be paid for by our Council (US)…you know the Council  that is struggling so much that Gary Lucas couldn’t be issued with a Blue tooth (Sad but true just ask Gary)and we are to be slugged for 9% more… My suggestion boys and girls send the two with the most clout and ask them for a written account of the 3 days… why in the devil do we need an entourage? …Mayor Waller and the GM can take notes and pass them around on their return… I see no need for so many to attend. It really doesn’t matter what you think of the Mayor, she got the job, albeit by the hair of her chinny, chin chin, she got it, so trust her to do her job and let’s face it if she gets the opportunity to chat with her friend Kevin she might just be able to swing some more cash our way…$5 mill for infrastructure works would be nice… would save us 9% and we have Phil Tolhurst there to keep things on track for us. I hear he’s a bit thrifty on handing out the $$ so he suits me fine.

Cllr Hadad: MY personal favourite for the evening, Mr GM can you please explain the process if a councillor doesn’t indicate a vote.  Explained by GM… “No” vote recorded, so he then took Mayor Waller to task about insisting that Cllr Karnib (usually napping or non responsive) to choose to vote one way or another earlier in the evening.  Something he rarely does if he isn’t 100% sure which way his Labor colleagues are leaning. Fair point Cllr Hadid… I think if Cllr Karnib cannot participate effectively in the voting process his vote should be nay… perhaps then someone would spend some time with him and see if he actually is being left behind or needs a wakeup call before the meeting.

Cllr Napolitano asked that the Auto Voting System – (especially after the debacle with Mayor Waller earlier in the evening) when will it be installed etc, seems she doesn’t like the lack of hands being shown and the blinding speed at which the Mayor speaks through the process. (Have to admit that the idea of privacy may make our councillors vote more to conscience than a show of hands) This may just leave Cllr Karnib in a bit of a pickle though. GM advised that Modifications were being sought and he’d get back to her.

Then last but not least Cllr Lucas… announced he had 29 questions but had managed to load a memory stick and would keep it brief.  He asked 9 questions from current use of Liverpool Skating rink and possible hand back to original owners to missing pathways and blocked drains.

I personally would appreciate if some of the councillors could  speak  a little more clearly and/or loudly as I’ve certainly missed some things and I know others are in the same boat as they’ve  come up to tell me. The Bickering is unnecessary, we know you groups don’t like each other, but that is irrelevant – some of you campaigned on being independent.

Voting will be an either /or situation so maybe it’s time we got hold of some of the supposed independent councillors and reminded them why they got the job. They’ve been striking deals since before the election while all along making comments about Labor caucus etc… Come on fellas… WORK FOR US….I can’t imagine 3.5 more years of this crap and nothing achieved. Or perhaps even worse ideas not being given fair debate because of one- up- man-ship.


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