One wonders

Signe Westerberg Headshots (38 of 102)I ask myself why don’t more people come to the council forums, logic tells me, time, interest and lack of knowledge but I have to say I am constantly impressed by the content. Each month council provides staff to bring the community up to date on matters that are of concern to either the community or generally the council area. Last night had council staff answering questions about the draft Management documents, two rather intense books that outline the coming years expenditure and income. Now I’ve spent the last couple of weeks reading through them and I had a number of questions…ok 9… (with more still to come) but as I was at the forum I was able to ask and get answers to each of them. It’s a reasonably  informal approach as compared to contacting council over the phone and hoping that the person on the end of the line doesn’t think you some kind of nut for not knowing some basic things, but I got answers to all my questions as did the other 16 or so people who came along. I recognise that not everyone is interested in the budget, but mostly we are interested in the parks, the roads and the general amenity of the city and I like being able to ask “dumb’ questions from time to time and it puts a face to the council staff.

Back to the budget, you still have time to read and comment on the LCC Draft budget, if you need a copy,  call council on 1300362170 and ask that one be posted to you, if not it is available on councils website Then if you want money spent in a particular area you can make a submission and at least have it considered. So the one wonders, why wouldn’t everyone want to be involved…remember you can simply come along Tuesdays refer previous post “lost for words” and choose which forum suits you best…then come along.

If you aren’t busy on Thursday night drop by Liverpool Mall between 5.30 & 7.30 and sign the petition for noise walls for the residents of Casula Mall… at about 7.30 Sylvia Hale MLC will accept the petition to then present it to the NSW Parliament for consideration. These residents need your help and trust me, when and if the time comes that you and your area need help they will remember the help Liverpudlian’s gave them in their hour of need.

One more little thing, I value you your comments so please feel free to comment here, I always want to make sure I’m representing what the people of Liverpool want, but without feedback I’m flying blind, so help me out and make a comment here.


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