Things of note…

There are some important matters at hand so this is just signe-westerberg-headshots-78-of-102

a quick reminder to all that you are needed…

1)      The Draft management plan has been released for public comment… this is an important document and is worthy of your time… please contact the council and get your copy and take the time to make comments… this is where the council will be focussing our rate money over the next 12months. If you don’t have your say, someone else will decide for you. This document is on public display for 1 month… not a lot of time so enquire now.

2)      Council Forums this month will include a presentation by council staff on the Plan of Management come along and ask questions.

3)      Our neighbours at Casula links are still in need of your help please down load the petition at casula-petition and help us get signatures to present to the NSW parliament for noise walls along this link of the railway. These need to be returned to  S Lambert – 64, St. Andrew’s Blvd Casula, NSW   2170 on or before the: 15th May 2009.

4)      This Saturday is the Liverpool Action Group  Meeting; I will be attending so if you’d like to drop off the petitions to me then I’ll gladly pass them on for you.

5) If you have some time on the 21st May in the late afternoon, please watch this space. More details later.

You’d be surprised what we can achieve when we work together, please feel free to contact me if there is something you would like assistance with.


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