Hi All, here is an opportunity for you to help fellow residents. As you are aware I’ve been working alongside the residents from Casula Links towards getting noise abatement walls along the freight line… we need your help. Please click on this link casula-petition print and help us get 1000 signatures to be presented to the state government and every signature counts. We need your help… each page must remain the same and be posted to 

S Lambert – 64, St. Andrew’s Blvd Casula, NSW   2170 on or before the: 15th May 2009.

 With your help we can ‘encourage’ the State Government to do what is right and just. These residents have been fighting this for over 3 years now (The noise not the freight line) and need our help. Please don’t date or number the pages simply send the completed form(s) to the above address and we will add it to those being collected by the residents, the Liverpool Fairfield Greens, LAG and friends of this website. This is truly a community effort … look what working together can do… watch this space for results and the local media; I believe this will be huge…but we need your help.

 Thanks in advance for your support.


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