Lost for words


I find myself a little lost for words, anyone who knows me will be a little surprised by this, but for the moment not a lot is happening, I’m still out and about although things are slow. As I mentioned at the meetings, the wheels of progress turn ever so slowly. On the weekend I did attend the Liverpool Fairfield Greens meeting and am delighted to see new people coming along and I learn from each of them. We do a summary of what is happening in our cities (Liverpool and Fairfield), council matters, discuss issues we’ve been working on, others we are about to embrace and have visits from Greens MP’s and Guests. Then of course each of the participants adds an idea or perspective which makes sure we stay on track. It is really lovely working with people of like mind on matters that relate to our everyday lives. I also attended the LAG meeting, although it was not as I’d hoped, the attendees certainly are another bunch of committed Liverpudlian’s and it’s a pleasure listening to their hopes and aspirations for our city.  

Tonight is another of the Forums with council, I thoroughly enjoy attending these also, I am hopeful that these groups continue to grow…every resident is welcome and the schedule is now much easier to follow…1st Tuesday CBD, 2nd Tuesday Western (Out Bringelly way) 3rd Tuesday is Eastern at council chambers and 4th Tuesday is Central, also at Council chambers. All but the CBD start at 7.30pm… the CBD is at 5.45 at the Library.  Remember everyone is welcome.

A quick break down is: CBD –mainly business  issues in the CBD but not exclusive, Western covers anyone who lives past Cowpasture Rd way, Eastern is any one east of the river and the central covers from the river to Cowpasture Rd.  The areas aren’t strictly defined and you can attend any of the forums regardless, but if you’re looking for support in your local area that is probably a reasonable guide… not 100% accurate but close. We have such a large LGA this is just a guide. I hope I see you at one of them soon.



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