Trains & River

signe-westerberg-headshots-96-of-1021This week brings with it a couple of new issues and some old… the issue of noise barriers will intensify from this week as work begins on both State Rail and the ARTC lines behind the homes of our friends in Casula. This is a trying time for our tired warriors, as they fight to get what is considered the ‘norm’ in other suburbs, we are here to support you guys, hang in there… what’s right will happen.

When you have a chance take a look at our  river … I’m very keen to see that no rubbish, silt or refuse be lost over the edge into the river whilst they are working so close to the banks.  

This week I was also delighted to see in the Campbelltown papers that one of our endangered species of fish is on the return…whilst its early days yet its good news. Let’s hope that people remember that for now fishing in the upper catchment is not allowed. Hopefully as the river returns to its pristine self things may change in coming years but for now…no fishing.

Time goes so fast, Easter is only a matter of weeks away and for me I wonder what I can achieve in what seems to be less and less time. I am an optimist though and believe we make our futures, I do believe together, all pulling in the same direction Liverpool will benefit, we can return our fair city to its rightful place and not simply that place you drive through to get somewhere else.

Enough of my ramblings, there’s work to be done and Liverpool is deserving of our time. If you have a project or passion you think needs the light of day, drop me an email, give me a call or simply respond here.


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