11 minutes

That’s how long Last night’s council meeting went…11 minutes. The typist signe-westerberg-headshots-78-of-1021who was entering the “Moved…. seconded… “  on to the screen could barely keep up. Sadly although a quiet week in the scheme of things with Cllr Lucas, Cllr Hadchiti absent, Cllr Napolitano in Hospital giving birth to her new daughter  and a reasonably light on agenda they zoomed through and didn’t discuss anything. Which is not exactly how I want my council functioning… what about you?

I am becoming increasingly concerned at the number of times now we have not been privy to details and costs in the purchase of land for community use. I will be investigating this further as I feel secrecy is what caused the Oasis fiasco and I certainly don’t want this to happen again.

I also attended the LAG Meeting on Saturday with a number of residents and was encouraged by the passion and desire for positive outcomes.  These meetings are open to the public so please feel free to come along to this and/or the council forums and say g’day… Your involvement is important and it’s nice to be amongst people who care about our city and suburbs.


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