International Womens Day 8.3.09

One day a year I take the morning off and have breakfast with the lovely signe-westerberg-headshots-38-of-102ladies of Liverpool Quota club… women from all around Liverpool gather together to celebrate being women. This year was no different; the speaker was excellent describing the services and commitment of Breast Care nurses and staff as they work with women afflicted with this hideous cancer. The lovely ladies with whom I breakfasted were fun and enlightening. I t was a chance to catch up with some I’ve not seen for some time and I was delighted to have a brief conversation with Mayor Waller. Her hopes for Liverpool appear to be very similar to my own, that we focus on what is good about our city and work to fix the things that aren’t.

I have also commented on the website  An Eye on Liverpool with Anne Tarasov about our CBD. Anne plans to pose different questions from time to time and it is here we can get the opportunity to speak our piece about the issues.  This week is the CBD Committee.

Our friends at Casula Links have been busy this week, they’ve had some good coverage from Channel 10 and on radio 2GB highlighting their plight with both State and Federal agencies in order to get noise mitigation along the rail line. Congrats guys, although the war is not won, this battle was successful…keep up the great effort.

More news next week…don’t forget I value your comments…


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