Council Meeting 23.2.09

signe-westerberg-headshots-78-of-102Congratulations to council for last night supporting the residents of Casula Links by passing a motion to have noise testing done, most importantly it will be done in consultation with the residents which means that those who know what happens daily can make sure that proper testing is being done and the trains won’t be ‘slowed down’ because the testing is in progress.

One thing of great concern in last night’s agenda was the new capping of Section 94 funding for new release areas. Some of you might think it a good thing but look at it this way: Council relies on funding from section 94, Developers make millions and expect to contribute via section 94 & plan for it (even though I”m sure they would prefer not too) The NSW government has capped council rates (which is good for you and me) so no rate increase. This will lead to way less section 94 incomes, so where is the money going to come from for improvements, new parks & playing fields in the release areas and maintenance of Liverpool? This is a big question; the State Govt is directly cutting off funds to local councils. Is this an attempt to raise their profile closer to the election by “bailing Councils Out” just in time for the election or is it the State Govt looking after Developers, again impacting on the election?  I don’t know about you but I totally resent the State Govt playing games with my council, its bad enough that on a Local Level we are at the mercy of some pretty ordinary thinking but to have this kind of politics go basically unnoticed is very scary to me. Our Mayor did mention that they were in consultation with the relevant authorities, let’s hope this brings a better outcome.  Where are our Local Members (Paul Lynch , Alison Megarrity, Andrew McDonald) in all this, what are they doing for the residents of Liverpool?

We can’t turn our back on this one, something will change and I hope it won’t be our rates in support of developers who plan to make millions out of our release areas.  This is just one of the things that can easily slip by residents, fortunately the Councils staff are on to it & understand the implications, that,  with the support of the councillors something positive may come from it, but I am concerned.

Watch this space, I’ll keep an eye on this and report anything I find out.

Another issue: Ned Mannoun and his colleagues supported me in my attempt to make sure that the New CBD Committee (not the Councils CBD forum that has been running for about 10yrs) included some of the people who have worked diligently for years on CBD issues were included in the NEW committee. However, Councillor Lucas, who fought for more people on his heritage committee and actually changed the charter to include more community, in this instance chose to oppose the idea of having more residents and opted for only 2 public representatives.  I asked to have at least one more member of the public (a forum rep) on this committee but was blocked by Clr Lucas and his supporters. This kind of narrow thinking will have the CBD  committee (like many others) being closed to new thinking and positive ideas. The public cannot address this committee, we cannot directly contribute. Hopefully our forums will be represented but that will have to go through at least 3 sets of hands before making it to these meetings.

Again I’ll keep you informed of any changes.


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