This week I attended a number of forums. On Saturday I joined the Liverpool Action Group and approx., 24 other residents at the 2nd LAG Meeting at the Library. It was heartening to see so many passionate people gather together to voice their ideas and concerns. It seems as Liverpudlian’s we are pretty good at identifying the problems, now I hope as a community (& groups)  we might be able to come up with solutions to fix some of them. Liverpool City Council is fundamentally a good council & LGA, it is one of the largest & most diverse, be it high residential city to open area rural with all the issues of such diversity. So now my friends it is time we come up with solutions, real and practical ideas to share with the council and I believe with the various groups and forums we have in Liverpool we have many who are capable of just that.

Throughout the election process last year we heard time and time again that we need to restore our pride, it might start off by just cleaning up in front of our own homes, helping a struggling neighbour  and sharing ideas with each other and the council. It may even be helping someone to contact Council to have a garbage pickup, reporting a dumper or graffitist, but we can as a community do just that.

Don’t forget too that this Saturday (also in the Library) 10.30am -12.30 is the first  Liverpool FairfieldGreens get together for the year and I invite you to be my guest, pop by, say hi and get to know the local Greens up close and personal. For us to be a true alternative to the present political choices in Liverpool we need you and your ideas. I look forward to meeting with you. Liverpool is more than just a safe Labor seat, it’s real people with real issues and deserves real representation… let me and the Greens team be that for you.


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