Interesting week…

Well, for me that is…I’ve been attending the forums as you know, I’m finding them very informative and am constantly amazed by the passion of so few. My goal is to encourage as many of you to attend as possible, it is amazing some of the things discussed and how you, a resident, can make a difference. This week at the western forum we had speakers from council discuss grafitti management and others speaking about the LLEP / DCP and how it impacts on the individual area. I find this information rewarding and in turn it allows me to help others understand how our council works and prove it actually does.

The Upper Georges River Urban Sustainability Project (UGR USP) had its meeting this week also. Here is a group that focuses on the Georges River catchment area and they have some impressive plans of how to improve our fabulous river… as I grasp the program and content I will share with you things I’m learning along the way.

I am delighted with the contact I have with Liverpudlian’s through the various forums and programs I’m involved with, if you have an idea or concern you’d like discussed and can’t make it along, send it through to me if it is something I can help with I will… perhaps if not I can at least direct you to the correct venue/person.

By the way if you have a couple of free hours next week…Saturday 21st 10.30-12.30 come along to the very first Liverpool Fairfield Greens meeting at the Liverpool Library… I’d love to meet you and share your ideas.


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