Council Meeting 2/2/09

This week saw a number of issues worked through with council. But the group is now a little more comfortable with each other and the snipes have begun. Councillors who make remarks at the politics and demeanour of other councillors are not what we voted for and very quickly undoes any good that is being done. Whilst this is probably inevitable it needs to be quashed very quickly, having to take additional time to apologise in what was a lengthy proceeding isn’t what the gallery is wanting to do, nor is the grandstanding by Councillor Lucas. Councillors please read the minutes and listen to the proceedings!

The first part of the meeting is as always housekeeping matters like accepting previous minutes etc, once this is done and dusted they move onto current issues such as debate on changes to LLEP, LDCP and street naming, reports on panel/committee membership and the like. Speaker & Public speakers forum had former Mayor Joe Durrant speak on the Liverpool Flag.

Once these matters have been dealt with they cover issues that appear to be what the public gallery is there to see…things like development applications etc. To Mayor Waller’s credit, where possible she does bring these ‘popular’ matters forward to allow the gallery members the opportunity to leave early if necessary. Personally I find it particularly interesting to wait until the end of the meeting where debate on Notice of motion and questions without notice are put forward. Of particular interest was Notice of Motion for Noise Barriers along the rail corridor from Warwick Farm to Casula Station (as you know I’ve been working with residents also). So great stuff councillors, now the hard part begins – you have to follow through and make this happen for the residents of Liverpool… please bear in mind this is along our river and should be attractive as well as functional…don’t let it happen as it does with our roads, that simply because we are south west means we don’t care how it looks…. Clr Harle’s motion re apprenticeships and trainee ships was good although I believe the council does take advantage of many of the incentives; a reminder isn’t at all bad. Plus if at all possible making businesses aware of the apprenticeship incentives may benefit the unemployed in the area. I’m not sure that the suggestion that apprenticeships can be offered only to local youth is legal etc but I applaud the idea of looking after our locals. Finally, congratulations to council officers for exploring (both location-ally and legally) the issues surrounding the School in Gurner Rd Austral. This particular issue has been a real concern for some of the local residents and in particular a precedent it may have set. I’m sure that as disappointing as it is for the applicants , what is best for the entire community should be taken into account.


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