Out and about January 26th, 2009

Congratulations to Liverpool Council for their Australia Day Concert, mostly a big thank you to the volunteers from the Local & Rural Fire brigades (and their spouses), the local police and the huge number of council workers who stepped up to the plate and did our community proud.

Add to that, the entertainers and the large number of Liverpudlians who braved the heat (& shower) to attend. I took my grandson who had a great time. I saw a couple of our Councillors (one I saw, like me had her child in tow) the General Manager and Mayor.  Mostly what I saw was people enjoying the activities, coming together and recognising Australia Day.

Congratulations must go to our City’s Awards recipients Judy Pack, Herb Taylor, Christian Atkins and Benjamin Smith and of course to our Newest Australian Citizens, how fantastic that so many have embraced our city and our life style. Isn’t this the best country and the best city? Of course you know I’m bias…

Just a quick reminder… the Council /Community forums begin again next week, this is another avenue you can participate in and bring ideas to council, check the Champion next week or the council website next week and hopefully I’ll see you there.


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