Your support… or not?

As you will have seen from today’s local papers and reading this blog previously,  I’ve joined the NSW Greens… what do you think? I am dedicated to supporting Liverpool as it grows and becomes the vibrant city it deserves to be… so tell me, do you support me in this endeavour or perhaps thought I could do more as an independent…let me know?  If I am to truly represent you I want/need your comments.

To start with there is a lot to be done to ensure the residents and environment  around  the rail link and the freight terminal are protected from shoddy ill-considered development…Liverpool will grow but how it grows is something we  can have input in, but we need to do it together. This is just the beginning we can achieve great things in Liverpool and I’m excited by the challenge are you?

If you’d like to know more about the Greens policies and check them out, (just like I did) you’ll be pleasantly surprised at their policies and dedication to equality for all.


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