It’s not easy being Green…

This is the first line of the  song sung by Kermit the frog from Sesame St, well I’m here to tell you otherwise.  After lengthy investigation and considerable conversation  I am happy to advise that I have joined the NSW Greens.  Why I hear you ask… the truth is they want so much of the same stuff I do, why wouldn’t I take advantage of their forward thinking, indiscriminate approach and commitment to equality… these are after all the same things I based my campaign on. 

My Commitment to Liverpool is unwavering; I love this city and want to move it forward.  I stated previously that the reason I ran as an independent was that I didn’t want to have my focus directed by someone else and with the Greens I don’t have to worry, they want what I want and I believe what we Liverpudlian’s want, fair, honest governance in a considerate, environment that looks after all its people. 

This is not a decision I took lightly, as you know I’m strong minded and very committed to the people of Liverpool and to achieve the things we need as a city. The NSW Greens are working towards the same things. They just didn’t have a Liverpool representative… Labor NSW has taken Liverpool for granted for too long, with your help let’s show the people of Liverpool there is a Good, Fair, Strong and focused alternative.

PS.. I don’t own any gumboots, I don’t plan to be chained to a tree so ideas of this funky greenie may confuse but once you’ve read their charter and policies you’ll soon see I don’t need them either. (Phew!)


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