Rate Payers Rage

Below is the comment I made with regard to the article in this weeks Liverpool Champion by Councillor Lucas: (the first part of the article refers to the good condition of Council investments- comments made by the General Manager Phil Tolhurst…. )  I cannot believe in these economic times this could be a suggestion by someone who is supposed to be representing us:

“In response to  Council Finances are in  good shape 17.12.08, I cannot believe that Councillor Lucas, after councillors voting unanimously for the top salary for themselves at the previous Council meeting, now tells us we need to increase rates to pay for infrastructure. Seems to me you didn’t feel so benevolent when it came to your income, but now raising rates is the way to go. Strikes me Mr Lucas that if the councillors had taken a middle of the range salary there would be considerable dollars available for such infrastructure. The local ratepayers are already struggling, so let’s not increase the rates.”

I’m not sure if this will make it into the paper but hopefully someone will agree with me!


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