Council Meeting – 10.11.08

It was good to see an obvious change in the manner of a couple of the Councillors last evening, and to that point, the Mayor made note of their participation…  Nice to see Councillors!

On to the meeting; and what a delight to watch so many of our residents passionately speaking on issues important to our community. This meeting saw 5 different people from 4 groups speaking about the future of the Regional Museum, and notably against the inclusion of the local radio station within the Reginal Museum’s premises. Bernard Fortin spoke about the situation with the Elouera Reserve and John Anderson again spoke on the need for activities for the youth. Well done to these people, especially for their passion. As citizens we can work by applying consistent pressure and keeping these issues at the fore by attending the meetings and having our say, just as these people are doing on behalf of so many others in our community.

One of the most annoying things for me is that many of the Councillors aren’t reading the agenda prior to the meeting and a good deal of time is taken up showing them where to look. I found this extremely frustrating as I had quickly read it during the day prior to the meeting. However the Councillors have access to it long before the rest of the community, so come on Ladies and Gents, read it! I know you are being bombarded with information but at the very least you can read the agenda before the meeting.

Councillor Lucas was, as always, very outspoken, by itself, not a bad thing, but he would have been well served to have read the agenda and documentation prior and paid attention during proceedings as he needed, on several occasions, to have previously discussed information re-addressed. I noticed a number of people from the community left, clearly in disgust at Councillor Lucas’ constant interruptions and grandstanding. We appreciate your passion Gary but enough is enough! Mayor Waller is handling your constant interruptions gracefully but for how long?  No one expects she will get it right all the time, as with nearly all the councillors, she is new to this particular role. Councillors pointing out tiny errors in meeting procedure does not help, and just makes Councillors look petty and desperate for attention. 

I also noted that Councillors are tending to make suggestions regarding different ‘community friendly’ issues that will be obviously voted down immediately. While this may look good on a Councillor’s CV it does not necessarily work for the whole community. Councillor’s need to remember they are there, not just their personal favorite group, but for everyone in our community. I would like to see Councillors present researched information to the meetings, having weighed up the long term costs and the necessary precedents that different programs etc will incur, rather than simply waste time um-ing and ah-ing and providing very few details. Costs have to come from somewhere, and that somewhere is always at the expense of another program or the rate payer in Liverpool. Think about it.

If you are interested in more details regarding the specific issues raised at the different meeting you can download past meeting agendas here and the minutes here.

Submissions regarding Pay for Councilors and Liverpool City Council Branding and Crest

If you want to have your say and have your views and opinions counted on these IMPORTANT ISSUES, make sure you write to council by the 12th November. I’ve already made my submissions to LCC General manager regarding both matters, as I believe they are important.


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