Two things.

Did you know you are invited to comment of two matters before Council?

Councillor’s pay rates and whether or not to change the Branding for Liverpool.

As Mayor Wendy Waller repeatedly mentioned during the campaign, her job as Mayor does not require full time attention we can now suggest she doesn’t take the full amount available. Did you know a Mayor can earn $7+,000 not including expenses?  If Mayor Wendy is genuine in her promise to provide us with fair representation and she doesnt’ think the job warrants her full time commitment let’s pay her a portion of the amount available, not indeed the entire amount.  Also if you have an idea of how to proportion what a councillor can earn in relation to their participation, let me know.  I don’t know how we can measure this but surely the amount they contribute to the city should be a consideration in how much they earn out of our rates. They vote on this soon…don’t wait.

Councillor Lucas also wants to have the Crest replace the branding on all Council documents etc.  I’ve read that this could result in excess of $1M additional money spent.  I think the branding is modern and certainly as you drive around L’pool you know and recognise the symbolism…do we / can we justify this enormous cost?  My suggestion… phase it into the paperwork as new is required…add it…there is room for both and justification for both…one is branding, the other representative of our history…why can’t we have both and why does it have to be one or the other? Our bicentennial is two years away lets phase the crest into paperwork as it is replaced…provided of course it doesn’t blow the budget. 

Considering all the things we want/need done around Liverpool do you care that much what symbol is on your rate bill or would you rather see the pot holes fixed…? I know what my answer is…


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