It Continues – Council Meeting 20.10.08

The 2nd meeting of our new council saw a number of locals feel free to now present to council issues of importance to our city. It’s nice to see more locals addressing the council, although some need to be reminded that they choose a topic and are required to stick with it… a reasonable request I think considering time restraints.

Last night saw hope of the Collingwood precinct getting closer to becoming Community Land right up until Councillor Lucas decided to adjust the motion.  Whilst his inclusion for immediate funding to have repairs done was admirable it now delayed the process yet again. Perhaps we should remember that baby steps are still steps and having the precinct back as Community land (Before it was Operational) would now be official, rather it is now back on hold whilst necessary studies are done to ascertain actual costs of repairs. Another local gent also asked a number of questions of council and his prior info allowed them to be addressed by the General Manager Phil Tolhurst at the time. This is good… I like getting the answers there and then, a lesson we can take from this is the more notice you provide, the more chance of an immediate answer.

What I’m learning as I watch the new council in process is that some are keen to engage whilst there are a couple I wonder whether or not they are awake… seems they are at least at the moment either very conscious of the audience, anxious because they have (as would I ) a lot to learn or perhaps just not that interested… I hope for the sake of Liverpool it is they are just new. 

Councillor Lucas is still making lots of noise, some/most is good noise, some is just noise for noise sake…which I personally hope will abate as time progresses.

We are at the very beginning of 4 years with these Councillor’s, we need to make sure they present issues that are relevant and we need to contact them and present our ideas to them.  Councillor Lucas is a lead member of a  group who feed him questions and concerns by way of his Liverpool Action Group. I spoke with another member of that group last evening and he was delighted that Councillor Lucas was presenting ideas discussed at their group… does any one know when and where they meet? I’ve not heard (and I look)…let me know if you do and whether it is open to all or invite only.

If you post that info on here, others will be able to see it also and perhaps we could all attend… So far I’ve noticed not one of the new councillors attend the Council Community Forums which I would have thought appropriate for listening to general feed back from the community. I’ve been attending these for years and have yet to see anyone other than Councillor Lucas attend and he only does so occasionally (perhaps just prior to an election like Councillor Harle did  🙂

One more quick thing, Congrats to LCC for the kids day last Saturday, my grandson had a wonderful time as did, I think, all the children who attended…

It constantly amazes me how much happens in this city. Well done!


One Response to It Continues – Council Meeting 20.10.08

  1. Signe says:


    “The meetings of LAG have been well advertised and promoted in the local press for at least 18 months, the most recent being the Leader 1/10/08 under Briefly. We are just about to secure a room where we can meet on a regular schedule, well publicized, and inviting participation…” Ian Bailey – Local Gent – Publicity Officer LAG. (I hope the title is Correct)

    Thank you Ian Bailey for sending me this info…I knew if I asked, someone would get us the answer… Although I’ve not seen the adverts, we look forward to your new location and the general public becoming more involved… and we will look for you under Briefly in the Leader…

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