It’s done

Hi all,

The results are back and my guess was correct…we have a Labor Mayor, Wendy Waller, 4 labor councillors, 3 Liberal and 3 Independent councillors.  Now is the time to watch and hope that these, our 11 representatives, do what we need them to do and work for us.  We have a Mayor who wasn’t popularly elected by the majority for which I concede my part, albeit not intentionally but I do feel that not guiding voters better allowed us to elect what was left rather than a truly diverse council, for which I apologise. 

I also believe with so many independents running it became somewhat confusing to some leaving them little choice to go with they knew rather than step out of their comfort zone and give more newbies a chance.  I have learnt a great deal and with hindsight would do some things differently, although I still find it abhorrent to suggest that the people of Liverpool need to be told who to vote for, it seems some rely on us for guidance, if not suggestions. Which is fair considering as I participated in the events prior to the 13th I knew many of the candidates better than would the average person in the street.

This time ladies and gentlemen we will not take the eye off the ball, I will, as I am sure many of you will be watching this council very closely. Let us hope they remember they work for us, not their political parties, not their particular focus/community  group but the whole population of Liverpool.

Let us also hope that the incoming Councillors appreciate the work done by the General Manager and his staff (and the administrator) and work with them towards our common goal.

Keep watching this space, I am already back in the swing of attending community forums and meetings and I will endeavour to keep you informed. I do hope that as you read the ramblings of this passionate Liverpudlian you do tell your friends about this site and you  write back to me. I am happy to share your comments and ideas.

Bye the way, did you know Collingwood House (& The Regional Museum is just across the parking lot) is open to the public this coming weekend…? the 27th from Noon to about 4pm, check the local papers for the exact times and perhaps I’ll see you there. Can you believe I’ve lived in Liverpool pretty much my whole life and have never stepped foot inside…? that will change this weekend.

Warmest regards,



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