Post election

WOW, what a week, firstly thank you to my supporters, albeit there was only a few I sincerely appreciate you. To my workers on the stands, WOW that was hard and I appreciate your efforts so much. As the results for the top groups are still not official (I will post these when they are available) I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you all.  The result was less than I hoped but not necessarily unexpected. I am new to this arena and I’ve now seen up close and personal how it works and why they call the major parties the political machine. But I have learned a lot, I’ve not made a decision about the future although I have already returned to the forums and begun to participate. I’ve promised my family I will wait a couple of weeks until I’m clear and rested before I decide whether or not I should persue this further… it is an extremely full on process and to do it well I believe you need to be committed. 

So far my guess is, 1 Labor Mayor, 4 Labor Councillors, 3 Liberal and 3 Independent Councillors, as soon as the actual result is known I will post it here for you.  My sincere hope is the people you have elected serve you well. But rest assured I am likely to be keeping a keen eye on proceedings and will report them to you via this website.

Thank you all once again and ….watch this space!


ps… I value your input, please leave a comment on any topic on this site.


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