As the clock winds down…

Can I indulge myself for just a moment and say a very public thankyou to my amazing family and friends for their unwavering support over the last 7 months.  Most especially my amazing husband (& Campaign Manager) Lance for the hours and hours of walking he’s done to make sure the people of Liverpool have been able to read my little flyer, to my youngest wonderful daughter Alisha for her many, many hours doing exactly the same dropping my leaflets into your mailboxes.  To my eldest amazing daughter Inga for her hours of work on this site, contrary to popular opinion I can’t do everything and she has designed the site and posted  most of the articles contained herein for me. To my precious Grandson Phillip who on occasion walked (& rode his bike) with me as I visited your homes and helped his granddad do letter box drops- Thank you seems so little and you’ve all done so much.  To my supporters thank you, thank you all…

I personnally have called on approximately 6000 homes and leaflets were delivered to almost 20,000 homes and we still missed some for which I apologise but this has been a traditional hands on campaign carried out by passionate people who care about our city.

To the voters of Liverpool it’s now all up to you… choose wisely there’s a lot to be done and we need a competent, caring group to represent us, thank you for your support I’ll be back on line next week with the run down of our results.

on Saturday 13th September, 2008….

VOTE 1 Signe Westerberg INDEPENDENT

for North Ward Liverpool City Council


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