Liverpool CBD and Parking – Question 1

I’ve spent a lot of time talking to the people of Liverpool leading up to the election. And I’ve enjoyed getting to know my community more and more, its wants and needs, how it wants to be seen going into the future. I’ve communicated to the local press my responses to issues and questions raised in different forums in order to ensure that our community is aware of what I believe the community wants and my proposals to address those wants, needs and issues.


I continue to do so in this forum and feel a responsibility to the community to outline my proposals more completely.


Please do not hesitate to leave your comments and opinions. I encourage it! Looking forward to beyond the election this is a forum for making further known…




Question 1)


Liverpool CBD has a serious shortage of car parking. Also, there is a shortfall of commercial properties in the CBD. What would you do about these issues?


Answer 1)


Problem: Insufficient parking that discourages locals from using CBD

Cause: Growing city of workers and clients, lack of commuter/worker parking.

Solution: Commuter parking station on either/both Collimore Park or Old Pool Sites. Funded by any / all of Joint venture with Parking Station Company or Infringement notices or selling advertising space on bus plus having Developers include more onsite parking. (I covered this in my submission to the DCP)

Result: More parking in CBD for shoppers (bringing business back to CBD) and to the medical precinct.

Incentives: Free Commuter buses or T-way to access CBD/rail and cheap, secure parking.


Problem: Poor Commercial Development

Cause: Small owner operators unable to develop their own sites or lose their income whilst development occurs.

Developers who are unwilling to pay what is needed to subsidize the owner operators’ loss of income or enter joint venture      with Owner/Operators

Solution: Council Consultation with stake holders and large Government Departments.

Result: Small business owners sharing in the development of larger commercial buildings, making more commercial space available in turn attracting businesses to Liverpool. 



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