Council Infrastracture and Park Maintenance – Question 2

Question 2)


Council infrastructure, including park maintenance, has been neglected for some years, and it would require a lot of money to bring it up to a reasonable standard. How would you fund that? Would you raise rates, for instance?




Problem: Poorly maintained parks

Cause: Insufficient staff & Equipment

Structure: At present the out door staff roster all the parks in the LGA.  Some are classified higher need than others and are therefore maintained more often etc.

Solution/Funding: NO to Raising rates! Sponsor/adopt-a-park program where community groups, schools or businesses can have a sponsorship program (signage) where an annual contribution can be used to support the upkeep of that park, or naming rights (bigger contribution) for a newer park being established. And/or proudly donated by on equipment purchased for care of parks.

Option 1: Instead of fining illegal graffiti artists and serial parking infringers, they should get community service and have them clean up the city & the parks.

Option 2: Presently a number of projects are being worked through Council that involve teaching accredited  skills to local unemployed these can be utilized in such a way to provide the training and fill some of the needs within the community.

Additional Funding: Council to investigate some of the lesser priority projects and perhaps put them on hold for a while.


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