Backroom deals: a thing of the past? Not in Liverpool

This is a letter I gave to the Champion Newspaper today….I’m sure any of you that know me, will know how livid I was that this is happening, although aware that on a one-to-one basis preferences are a reality. But to plot a whole election is beyond me…


“I have this afternoon, 29.8.08  been told that Last Wednesday at a venue unknown to me, all the non-labor candidates got together to discuss preferences… except it seems this candidate… who has made it clear that the People of Liverpool can decide who they vote for… but it seems the rest of the candidates don’t trust you, the voter. I am appalled that this can happen and although not privy to the actual discussion, Liberal candidate for Council and Mayor Ned Mannoun today in a 19 minute conversation tried to convince me to tow the line and reconsider preferences.  So my fellow Liverpudlian’s, what do you want? Do you think I should preference another candidate or trust the people of Liverpool? You get the ultimate say on 13th of September because for now and always my word is my word and I said I wouldn’t hand off your votes…so go to it Liverpool, choose your mayor and your candidates but perhaps you should ask them first who they are preferencing, just incase you don’t like the deal they made or their choice.”


Signe Westerberg

Independent Candidate for

North Ward Liverpool City Council


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