Wendy Waller – Round II?

Like everyone else I too have to consider who of the candidates I will be ticking the box for in the up-coming Local Council Elections. Being an Independent Candidate myself has made me especially aware of who is running and what they are saying to both public and press. In Liverpool we have an opportunity to really learn from a council past, that has been, well disastrous, and place on council individuals with fresh ideas and new directions; people who are passionate about of fair city. 

At least, that is why I am running as a candidate.

It’s not a job for me. I have a successful small business, thriving in said fair city. I am doing this, running for a spot on the Liverpool City Council for Love of Liverpool and a Passion for Our Future. Not because the Australian Labour party can’t figure what else to do with me. No! I can run my own campaign and agenda and base it on the face-to-face access I have with Liverpudlians, without meeting, or even thinking of for a brief moment, ‘party’ considerations.

Not so for Wendy Waller, Australian Labor Party candidate for Mayor for Liverpool City Council.

Who is this women? And why does she want Liverpudlians to vote for her on September 13th? 

According an article in The Sunday Telegraph last Sunday 10th August “Vote of redemption” by Carmel Melouney, Ms Waller believes that Liverpool really needs “to move on”.

Let us remember; Ms Waller was sacked by the State Government (along with the rest of Liverpool City Council) when you held the position of Deputy Mayor for losing $20M of rate payers’ money in the infamous Oasis Debacle. What did Ms Waller have to say about that: “You don’t win them all” she told The Sunday Telegraph.

Who exactly was she competing against in that scenario? Moreover, her advice to the voting public is to get over it! 

Liverpool, I have been a loud voice in many forums suggesting that Liverpool does need to focus on a bright future. I believe in our community’s potential. Passionately! Let us not start by going back and making the same mistakes we have in the past, by voting for those who have had their chance and ruined it for all.

Let us allow for the fresh faces that won’t later be quoted by the tabloids as being “obliged to vote in line with her Labor caucus”.

Let us vote for councillors who feel obliged to listen to our citizens and work for a better community.

I will not be wasting my vote giving career politicians a second chance, after the spectacular failure of their first go around.

This is our opportunity for new beginnings and new directions. Let’s take it!


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